Wednesday, August 15, 2007

OpenOffice 2.2 Defaults

I created an Windows installer for people who do not like to spend time doing the following after installing OpenOffice 2.2.

1. Filling in the first time "License/User" wizard.
2. Configuring Calc, Writer and Impress to save in MS formats.

If you are recommending OpenOffice to your friends and do not wish to explain how to change the settings. Then this is the installer for you.

All the installer does is copy 4 files (Setup.xcu, Setup-calc.xcu, Setup-writer.xcu, Setup-impress.xcu) to C:\Program Files\ 2.2\share\registry\modules\org\openoffice\Setup. The xcu files have been configured to set the default file format to MS Office formats. The Setup.xcu serves to disable the first time user wizard. WARNING: It also deletes the Quickstarter from the Startup folder because I cannot justify it remaining in memory.