Monday, February 04, 2008

Pentaho Quick Install

Pentaho has a preconfigured install package that can be used to evaluate the platform. The default install will only work if it is run on your own machine. There are two things that you'd want to do if you want others to test the platform.

1. Allow access from other machines on the LAN.

You need to edit web.xml file located at


where %PCI% is the folder where you uncompressed the Pentaho preconfigured install.

Look for the string base-url. http://localhost:8080/pentaho/ Change the value into an IP address or the computer name that will resolve to it.

2. Change the default port 8080.

Sometimes port 8080 is already being used by another application, possibly Tomcat. Pentaho has a web container using port 8080 that may conflict with the existing application.

You need to edit server.xml located at:


Look for the string 8080.

Change the port number to your desired number. You may now restart the Pentaho BI platform.