Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Unlocking Blackberry 8900

Blackberry 8900
I was about to go to Greenhills to have my Blackberry 8900 (which was locked to Globe Telecom) unlocked. I figured that I'll search for sites that provided codes online first and found to be one of the cheapest ($7.49 CAD) and available instantly without waiting. I paid using PayPal and got an email containing the MEP code. I followed the instructions and was able to successfully unlock the phone. It cost about P329 at the current exchange rate. When I inquired from one of the phone technicians at St. Francis Square, they quoted me P300. I guess that was the market rate.

Excel Formula to get Day of Week

Here's a handy Excel formula to get the day of week for a specific date.


If cell F12 contains 7/15/2011, the formula will return "Fri"