Thursday, December 22, 2011

Publishing your Blog on Google Currents

The articles on iReport / Jasper get the most views from developers who stumble on this blog. I've setup a Google Currents edition which may search on your app or click here on your mobile device: Hopefully, this will force me to write more interesting stuff that I can read on Currents.

Anyway, for those who want to publish their blog on Google Currents, here are some tips:
  • Edition settings: Make sure you have a logo ready. (Square between 64px and 128px, I know my logo looks amateur. I'll update it when I have time to play with Gimp.)
  • All other sections are self explanatory.
  • Distribute: This is the last step before your edition is ready. In Verify content ownership, you will be given several options. If your blog is hosted on Blogger, you will want to use verify using Google Analytics code. I had trouble with verifying mine even though I already had Google Analytics on my blog. It turned out I was using an old layout and the Google Analytics code snippet was an old version. All you need to do get a new snippet and paste it into your blog. If you are using the new Dynamic layouts, you should be good to go.

Don't wait for OTA, upgrade your Nexus S now

When @googlenexus tweeted that Nexus S GSM phones will be given the ICS upgrade, I immediately went to Settings -> About Phone -> System Updates and found the dreaded: "Your system is currently up to date." message.

Fortunately, Android Central posted a timely article on how to upgrade manually. The update file appeared to be coming from google's server and the comments didn't mention anybody bricking their phone so I proceeded to download the 130MB file and followed the instructions. So 10 minutes later, my Nexus S was running ICS. If you got your Nexus S from Globe Telecom Philippines (Nexus S i9023 GSM), then the manual upgrade procedure from Android Central should work seamlessly. All your apps and data will remain intact.

So, is the upgrade worth it? DEFINITELY! If you have a Nexus S, by all means, do the upgrade right now. With the new fonts and default apps, you'll feel like you have a new phone. The SMS and email apps really make composing and replying a pleasant experience.


One thing I noticed after the upgrade was that the battery was draining faster than usual. It turned out that the upgrade switched the mobile network settings to 3G (mine had been set to 2G to conserve battery). The email settings defaulted to sync the last 30 days. In Gingerbread, the email default sync was 4 days. After doing all the changes, battery life went back to normal (maybe a little bit worse).

In the People (Contacts) app, you may notice that new contacts are appearing there. Those are probably from your Google+ circles. To switch back to the Gingerbread default which shows only people from "My Contacts," go to Menu -> Contacts to Display -> Customize and check only the My Contacts option. Other tips: To take a screenshot from the phone, hold power and volume down button.