Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nillkin Nexus 7 Case

I had been using a Speck FitFolio for my iPad 2 but it was showing obvious signs of wear and tear with less than a year of use. This time, I wanted to get a TPU case for my Nexus 7. A quick trip to Greenhills (last September 2012) yielded nothing. Anything that is not Apple or Samsung will be hard to find. A search on sulit showed several cases that were over P1,000 which I didn't want to pay for.

I came across good reviews on Nillkin cases so I hunted for a seller in ebay. I eventually found a Hong Kong based seller that offered free shipping in Asia so I ordered one for USD 12.70. Standard shipping would take 2 weeks. True enough, it arrived exactly 14 days after I placed the order. Unfortunately, I would have to claim it at the post office because I had to pay customs (P100) for it.

The package was shipped from Singapore. Unboxing follows:

Shipment packaging from Singapore
TPU case designed for the Nexus 7 
Packaging is typical China
Available in 4 colors
Comes with the case and screen protector

Now, my Nexus 7 has a case that provided protection without adding too much thickness. So far, it has survived a 2 foot drop on a wooden floor with no damage. I highly recommend the Nillkin TPU case for protection against scratches. While the Nexus 7 already has a good grip, the case will provide you with an even better grip.

My Nexus 7 with the case and protector
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