Monday, January 14, 2013

Activating NDD on your Globe landline

NDD and IDD is not available by default on your new Globe landline to protect you from inadvertent charges due to calls to mobile phones and long distance numbers.

Note that these instructions are for Metro Manila accounts. To activate NDD, you need call 730-1000. The problem is, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu greets you at that number and there is no menu option to activate NDD. There is also no easy way to get to a human in the options. For credit card companies, I always use the "Report a lost card" option to reach an agent immediately. It appears there is no such shortcut with Globe's number. After several attempts at the menus, the way I got to an agent was to pretend to customize my plan and select the option that says the information is not helpful. Here's the guide:

730-1000 IVR Menu:
1 - English
1 - Globelines
1 - Customize your plan
1 - Customize your plan
2 - Not helpful
1- Talk to a customer agent

It will take about 3 minutes for the agent to verify your account details and put you on hold while they schedule the activation. NDD will be activated within 24 hours. The agent gave me these locking instructions.

Default PIN: 1234

Phone Lock: #5702 4-digit-PIN#
Phone Unlock: #5712 4-digit-PIN#
Change PIN: #575 Old-4-digit-PIN*New-4-digit-PIN**New-4-digit-PIN*#

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