Wednesday, July 06, 2016

How to get Google Play Music trial

Google has a 4th of July weekend promotion where you can get 4 months of free Google Play Music. This is only available to US. So if you are in the Philippines, you can try the following steps to get the promotion. (documentation in progress, trying to retrace how I did it)
  1. Download Opera developer browser which has a free VPN.
  2. Turn on VPN.
  3. Go to and click on the settings button on the right.
  4. Change the country to US and type in any US address. (Zip code 91505 is Burbank, California)
  5. Go to and you should see the 4th of July promotion banner. Click on that.
  6. This will take you to Follow the subscribe instructions and enter a payment method. PayPal worked for me.
I had some issues with some accounts that were solved by clearing the browser data and trying again.